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Prospective Member Information

LU Sound is student-run organization that is open to any students to join. Our jobs are non-work study and run through the Student Engagement Office. If you are interested in joining please contact our Promotions Director whose e-mail can be found on our officers page.


The LU Sound executive board meets weekly to discuss both previous and upcoming events, including training sessions. The meetings are the best way to know when events are and for scheduling yourself to work. Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings. For location and time details, please contact our Promotions Director whose e-mail can be found on our officers page.


  • How do I get more information?

Please contact our Promotions Director whose e-mail can be found on our officers page.

  • Do I need any prerequisite knowledge in order to join LU Sound?

No. LU Sound will teach you everything you need to know. through your required shadow events or training session as described below. 

  • How does becoming a member / shadowing work and when will I start getting paid?

To become a member you must either shadow two events or attend a training session. Shadowing entails attending the setup, duration, and/or takedown of an event for learning purposes. To find out when the next training session is or to schedule to shadow an event, please contact our Promotions Director  whose e-mail can be found on our officers page.

  • How much does LU Sound pay per hour?

Members are paid at three different rates based on skill level. See below for more information.

  • Can my work for LU Sound count as work study?

No. LU Sound is a wage labor position.

Member Policies and Pay Rates

Prospective members of LU Sound must complete the requirements for the Tier I pay level to become a member.

Tier III ($14 / hour)

  • Can set up and operate all rigs and equipment
  • High level of competency with digital mixer including understanding equalizers
  • Must have taught other members at a tech session or bootcamp
  • Should be able to solder and use power tools to repair equipment
  • Get approval from two-thirds of the board and advisor

Tier II ($11 / hour)

  • Able to set up and operate simple rigs (especially using digital mixer)
  • Understand fundamentals of equalizers
  • Know difference between mics
  • Must have lead at least one event independently
  • Get approval from Student Technical Director and majority of the board

Tier I ($9 / hour)

  • Shadow two LU Sound events or attend a training session
  • Coil wires
  • Get membership approval from Promotions Director and another board member